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Located in the lower mainland of British Columbia, this small city is renowned for its stunning outdoors and historic downtown, both of which have been featured in numerous feature films and TV shows.

Our project with them was a brochure design that guides visitors through all the locations used for filming in the city. From the picturesque streets of the historic downtown to the breathtaking scenery of the great outdoors, the brochure showcases the city's beauty and charm.

It was so fun to have played a part in promoting the city's rich history and helping visitors discover the magic of its filming locations!



Tourism Mission

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Brochure Design

Service Breakdown

We created an accordion-style filming location guide with a visual identity inspired by old-school Hollywood and midcentury modern design. We developed a custom colour palette, font system, and content placement for easy navigation, as well as a personalized user guide that divided visitors into two groups for a more customized experience. The resulting brochure was engaging and informative, providing visitors with a memorable way to explore filming locations in this city!

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Custom Illustrations

Service Breakdown

We wanted to bring the filming locations to life in this project. Inspired by billboards, neon signage, and street signs, we created hand-drawn illustrations of iconic buildings, outdoor environments, and film/TV show memorabilia. We also illustrated custom map pins to create "unique journeys" for different user groups and to highlight locations relevant to both categories! The resulting brochure design is a beautiful and functional guide for visitors to explore the city's rich filming history.

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I always love the end product and the process to get there - Coasting Created is wonderful!

Clare Seeley

Manager of Tourism for the City of Mission

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