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Creating a brand identity and a website for Longlife Rep's founder, Ashley, was an empowering, gratifying experience! She knew exactly what she wanted to portray through her visuals and online presence- a supportive, confidence-creating fitness transformation!

Ashley came to us looking to create a visual brand to support her mission to help women feel confident and strong in their identities! This brand needed to present strength while avoiding the cliches that often pop up in the female fitness industry. We developed a brand identity with her, working on her positioning, and creating visuals complimenting her business goals! With the identity foundation created, we could develop a Website for her to promote her program and mission. This site is a single scroller which gets right to the point and wastes no time.

We're thrilled to have worked with Ashley to make her vision come to life! We feel honoured to have assisted her in reaching women looking for a lifelong transformation- physical and emotional.


Fitness Coaching

Longlife Reps

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Visual Branding

Service Breakdown

This visual brand needed to present strength while avoiding cliches that can often pop up in the female fitness industry. The logo suite features a structured font with subtle character added through minor letterform adjustments. The colour palette is mostly neutral and consistent with what you find in fitness environments, but incorporates a highlight of ice blue to bring a breath of fresh air! The brand also features three graphic assets for branded pieces like social media posts, website design, business cards, etc.

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Brand Positioning

Service Breakdown

This project began with brand positioning, establishing the brand's mission, tone of voice, and tagline. We collaborated to define the business's core values and service offerings, and created 2 target customer profiles. Having clarity in all these areas helped to create confidence about who Longlife Reps wants to be and who they're speaking to.

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Website Design

Service Description

We designed and built a fully responsive single-page scrolling website with the goal of showcasing the fitness program's benefits to women and encouraging registration. The whole site was designed with a focus on pushing potential customers to fill in the sign-up form. We prioritized clean negative space and a decluttered style to reflect the feeling of starting fresh that Longlife Reps wants their clients to experience! Visit the full site at


Get an inside look at how we created the branding behind Longlife Reps

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