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This project focused on branding and packaging design for a skincare brand that creates resilient and radiant products, including the Marine Antioxidant Serum.

We worked with the client to create a modern, industry-competitive logo suite and a neutral but engaging colour palette. Additionally, we developed a brand font system to ensure a cohesive visual identity. Our packaging design for the flagship serum bottle included a minimal, elegant layout with the logo prominently displayed and included french and english translations.

With our branding and packaging support, the client was able to establish a strong brand identity and continue to grow their business!



Dear Lucy

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Visual Branding

Service Breakdown

For this skincare brand, we worked on the brand design. The client had a clear vision for the product and worked with us to translate that vision into a visual brand. We designed a logo suite for a timeless and industry competitive identity. We developed a neutral colour palette that used subtle warm tones, as well as a brand font system. The client has built a strong brand and has continued to grow with the help of these visual assets.

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Packaging Design

Service Breakdown

We provided packaging design services for their flagship product's bottle. Our team created a layout that maximized the available space on the tall and narrow bottle to accommodate both English and French translations while still highlighting the brand's mark. We opted for a minimalist, sophisticated look that printed the logo on the side and ran it from the top to the bottom on the left side of the front of the bottle. This and the structured details at the base created a prominent and eye-catching aesthetic for the product's shelf appearance, while still allowing for plenty of clean space around it.

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