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We've had the pleasure of working with Beth a handful of times now, from developing her brand identity and visual branding, to providing brand photography services on multiple occasions.

As a fitness instructor, she values happiness in their fitness and health journey and wanted to be positioned in the industry as a relational coach who supports her clients' health and happiness. Working closely with Beth, we defined her mission, unique selling point, core values, brand voice, and unpacked service offerings and the target audience. We developed a cohesive visual identity that reflects the values and mission, and produced brand photography that showcases the energy and joy that her fitness coaching brings to clients.

We're thrilled to have helped Coach B create her space within the competitive fitness industry and communicate her unique approach to health and happiness with her target audience.


Fitness Coaching

Coach B Fitness

Portfolio Service #1 Image

Visual Branding

Service Breakdown

To capture this client's personality, we utilized playful handwritten elements and balanced saturated colours with neutrals to create a standout logo and accompanying graphics. The resulting brand design allowed the imagery to shine, establishing a strong and recognizable style in a competitive fitness industry.

Portfolio Service #2 Image

Brand Positioning

Service Breakdown

It was immediately clear that this brand promoting healthy living needed to radiate happiness and fun! Our service included defining the mission, core values, unique selling points, brand voice, and an ideal customer avatar. Once we had a clear picture of the brand's goals & ideal clients, we were ready to jump into the design phase of the project!

Portfolio Service #3 Image

Brand Photography

Service Breakdown

Beth has been a recurring photography client, so you may recognize her from the Coasting accounts! For this shoot, with various outfit changes and a mix of action and close-up shots, we aimed to capture her energy and personality, and showcase her style and coaching approach. We wanted these photos to make it easy for her to present a consistent, cohesive online presence, with a wide range of shots to choose from!

I was absolutely blown away by how they took my personality and added it to my branding so well! Every project these two have done for me, has always left me impressed!

Beth Battersby

Personal Fitness Coach

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